In January this year, Con Amor visited her main projects in Manila for the third time. We thank all the involved people for welcoming us and have deep respect for their excellent jobs. Allthough each project faces its own difficulties, we were glad to find them in relatively good health:

Currently Sibol Don Manuel is offering pre-school to 50-60 kids from the Don Manuel slums. Because of the small class room, the kids get their education in 3 shifts. Teachers Minda Bardelio and Nancy Amantillo are still equally dedicated. Con Amor is now their main sponsor. This project does not get any government support and could use some extra sponsoring to compensate the teachers, finance food, extra materials and reduce the vulnerability.

Sister Diana from Heart of Mary Villa told us that single moms are getting more socially accepted in the Philippine society. Therefore, the focus has shifted to pregnant women who were victimised by rape or incest and homeless pregnant women. In 2018, 53 women were helped, a sincere decrease (before +150). 60% of the babies stays with the mother. Adoption babies are preferrably placed within the country. The donations received rather fluctuate each year.

Children suffering from neurological illnesses, face a brighter future once at the Child Neuroscience Center. Our 2018 funds were 100% spent on kids from 2 – 15 years old. These kids come from poor families all over the Philippines, who are unable to pay for the medical needs of these children. The CNC has professionalised even further in the past years. They were able to improve the equipment and even to pay their doctors a small compensation. Their good reputation is well known in and outside the country. They rely heavily on donations.