Jaap van Dijke (Chairman)

Entrepreneur in heart and soul, it was Jaap who founded Con Amor. Starting Con Amor was his answer to his need to share with the underprivileged. He considers himself happy with the selfless help of his board members.

Myrla Danao (Project manager)

Myrla Danao is a very socially conscious human being. Living in the Netherlands, but born in the Philippines, she is acutely aware of the destruction that the previous regime left behind in this archipel. She has a well developed sensitivity for detecting people in need. And that is definitely not limited to her country of birth.

Adri Uijl (Treasurer and Vice Chairman)

His life long career in banking, makes Adri the perfect financial advisor for Con Amor. Adri has been and still is committed to several charitable organisations. He guards Con Amor’s financial health now and in the future.

John Deen

Up till his retirement John Deen was a GP. His medical and ethical knowledge enriches Con Amor’s efforts. All his life John has been dedicated to help vulnerable people. He has been a board member of many social organizations.

John Deen provides medical advise concerning the Con Amor projects.

Mark Brouwer (ICT)

Mark has extensive experience in software development and is enthusiastic about the current opportunities the Internet offers to improve the lives of disadvantaged people.

He currently works as an independent software developer.