The Con Amor Foundation supports underprivileged people with the aim of helping them to develop a better future perspective and / or better living conditions.

Con Amor annually spends a maximum amount on preferably educational projects and projects that improve the living conditions (including medical / housing) of the underprivileged. These are initiatives where several people are given new opportunities at the same time. Preferably children or young people, because the development potential is greatest for this group.

Con Amor supports projects that aim for a long life. She does this especially during the build-up phase, when her support really makes a difference. As soon as there is a stable organization and financing, Con Amor will withdraw. The duration that Con Amor supports a project is therefore always limited. Con Amor wants to know specifically what its money is being spent on and, if possible, purchases the spending target itself.

Involvement of the local population in a project is a requirement for Con Amor. Moreover, we believe that a project should benefit the local economy.

For Con Amor it is also important that she feels involved in a project, despite the physical distance. That is why Con Amor will visit projects it supports before and periodically thereafter. In this way we judge with our own eyes what is happening with our support and we convince ourselves of the necessity of this.

  • Con Amor always supports final projects directly, never through charities.
  • There is no question of “filling in gaps” or joining a row of existing financiers.
  • If individual support is offered exceptionally, this will always be in the form of a loan or loan construction. This is how we prevent abuse. This is always about customization.