Foundation Con Amor supports underprivileged children. A variety of initiatives benefit our support. Some initiatives are private. Others are local, non-subsidized foundations. Most initiatives have a Dutch connection in some way or another.

The foundation was founded in 2004. Con Amor is acknowledged as an ‘Algemene Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI). This means that any gift to Con Amor can be fiscally deducted in The Netherlands. The board members decide together how the annual budget is spent. Here you will find more information on our current financial position.

All board members work on a voluntary, unpaid base for Con Amor.


Foundation Con Amor supports underprivileged children in order to improve their future perspective and/or develop better living conditions. Any individual or group can ask for Con Amor’s support, provided the request meets our policy requirements.

The board will assure itself of your good intentions by checking whether the support will truly, directly and entirely benefit the underprivileged person(s). We will do so by verifying your credentials and financial situation, but also through visits.

We advise you to send along with your application all available financial records, references and other proof of sincerity.

We also care about the environment and prefer to receive your application by e-mail.

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