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Do you want to support our projects too? Feel free to wire your donation to:

Name: Stichting Con Amor
Location: Zaandam, the Netherlands

IBAN: NL75 RABO 0379 87 65 07

RSIN: 8142.12.852

Single gifts (limited tax deduction)

Single, yearly gifts to our foundation can be deducted when they are at least 1% of your taxable income (in the Netherlands). The deductible percentage of your gift depends on the hight of your taxable income.

Periodic gifts (full deduction)

A different arrangement applies to periodic donations; these donations are unlimited deductible! If you meet the conditions below, there is no threshold and none maximum.

Conditions :

  1. You record the donation in a donation agreement (model donation agreement of the tax authorities)
  2. You donate an equal amount to our foundation annually for at least 5 years. The gift obligation lapses upon death.

If you would like to know more about making a periodic donation or gift, let us know: